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quickbooks how much does it cost

quickbooks how much does it cost

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software program designed to help business owners manage their finances. It’s used by millions of small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to track income and expenses, create invoices, and pay bills. With its easy-to-use interface and robust features, QuickBooks is an invaluable tool for many businesses.

But how much does QuickBooks cost? The answer depends on the version of QuickBooks you choose and the features you need.

The basic version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online Simple Start, is the most affordable option. It’s priced at $25 per month and includes features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and basic financial reporting.

The next step up is QuickBooks Online Essentials, which costs $40 per month. This version includes all the features of Simple Start, plus the ability to track inventory, create purchase orders, and accept payments online.

The most comprehensive version of QuickBooks is QuickBooks Online Plus, which costs $70 per month. This version includes all the features of Simple Start and Essentials, plus the ability to manage 1099 contractors, track time, and generate more detailed financial reports.

If you need more advanced features, such as multi-currency support or advanced inventory management, you can upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced for $150 per month.

In addition to the monthly subscription fees, you may also need to purchase additional services, such as payroll processing, which can cost an additional $39-$99 per month.

Overall, QuickBooks is a powerful and affordable accounting solution for businesses of all sizes. With its wide range of features and flexible pricing, you can find a version of QuickBooks that fits your budget and meets your needs.