how much did it cost to make get out

how much did it cost to make get out

Get Out, the 2017 horror-thriller from director Jordan Peele, was a major success when it was released. It earned a whopping $255 million at the box office on a budget of just $4.5 million. With such a low budget, it begs the question: how much did it cost to make Get Out?

The answer is that it cost $4.5 million to make Get Out. This includes the cost of production, marketing and distribution. The production budget was reported to be around $4.2 million, and the marketing and distribution costs were estimated to be around $300,000.

The production costs of Get Out include the cost of hiring the cast and crew, renting equipment, and building sets. The cast of Get Out was relatively small, with only nine main characters. The crew was also relatively small, with only a few dozen people. The costs of renting equipment and building sets were also relatively low.

The marketing and distribution costs of Get Out were relatively low as well. The majority of the marketing was done through word-of-mouth and social media, which cost virtually nothing. The distribution costs were also relatively low, as the movie was released in only a few theaters.

Overall, it cost $4.5 million to make Get Out. This is an incredibly low budget for a movie that earned $255 million at the box office. It goes to show that you don’t need a large budget to make a successful movie.