boeing 747 how much does it cost

boeing 747 how much does it cost

The Boeing 747 is an iconic aircraft, and one of the most recognizable planes in the world. It is the first wide-body commercial jetliner ever built and has been in service since 1970. The 747 is known for its size, speed, and range, and is capable of carrying up to 524 passengers and crew.

The 747 has been used for a variety of purposes, from cargo and passenger transport to military operations. It has been used by many airlines around the world, including United Airlines, British Airways, and Emirates. It is also used by the United States Air Force for presidential transport.

So, how much does a Boeing 747 cost? It depends on the model and configuration, but the average price of a new 747-8 is around $378 million. This is significantly more expensive than the previous 747-400 model, which cost around $265 million.

The cost of a used 747 can vary greatly depending on its condition and age. A used 747-400 typically costs between $50 and $90 million, while a used 747-8 can cost up to $200 million.

The cost of operating a 747 can also be quite high. The fuel costs alone can be around $10,000 per hour, and the maintenance costs can be even higher. The cost of crew and other operating costs can add up to several million dollars per year.

Overall, the Boeing 747 is an impressive aircraft, and its cost reflects its size and capabilities. While it may be expensive to buy and operate, its impressive range and capacity make it a great choice for many airlines and other organizations.