apple tv how much does it cost

apple tv how much does it cost

Apple TV is a revolutionary streaming device that brings all of your favorite content to your living room. It’s a great way to watch movies, TV shows, live sports, and more from the comfort of your couch. But how much does Apple TV cost?

The cost of an Apple TV varies depending on the model you choose. The most basic Apple TV model is the Apple TV 4K, which retails for $179. This model includes 4K streaming, HDR support, and access to the Apple TV app. It also comes with a Siri Remote, which allows you to control your Apple TV with voice commands.

If you’re looking for a higher-end model, the Apple TV 4K HDR is the way to go. This model retails for $199 and includes all of the features of the Apple TV 4K, plus enhanced audio and an A10X Fusion chip. This model also supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, so you can experience immersive sound and visuals.

Finally, if you want the best of the best, the Apple TV 4K HDR Pro is the top-of-the-line model. This model retails for $299 and is the only Apple TV that supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Digital Plus. It also includes an A10X Fusion chip and a Siri Remote.

No matter which model you choose, Apple TV is a great way to access all of your favorite content. With its wide range of features and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder why Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market.