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20 Chic Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair

20 Chic Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair

 Pixie Haircuts: Boyish Hairstyles for Girls

The short straight hairstyle features clear curved line and various layers which offer a textured and fun look. The heavy neat bangs hide the forehead and enhances the shining eyes greatly. The skillful layering creates dimension to make the fabulous hairstyle fuller. Theshort hairstyle suits many face shapes and occasions.

Pixie Haircuts: Asymmetric Short Hair

The textured short hairstyle is kept fun with slight layers and exudes fashion. The short hair has ragged edges and soft lines with neat bangs that blend into side burns. Longer layers at the crown add much volume. The smashing long neat bangs help balance out vertically shaped faces and the sideburns add shape to square shaped faces.

 Pixie Haircuts: Cute Short Hair for Girls

The adorable whispy pixie is featured by fabulous textures. The gorgeous crafted layers make the short hairstyle full of sophistication and definition. Some textures below the ears create the hairstyle an ideal oval silhouette. The back is wispy cut right down to the nape of the neck for an awesome finish. The gorgeous hairstyle can enhance nearly all face shapes.

 Pixie Haircuts: Cool Short Hairstyle

The gorgeous short hairstyle has layers and wispy edges that remove weight and give the splendid hairstyle much texture. The splendid blunt bangs pair the amazing short hairstyle greatly. Several long locks add much fun and cool factors to the pixie.

 Pixie Haircuts: Layered Short Hair

The short straight hairstyle looks simple, cool and sassy. The hair is cut shorter in the back, yet left a bit longer layers in the front and at the crown. The hair is carefully angled over the ears which create a free spirit. The side sweeping bangs are a sliced-in fringe and sliced down the forehead neatly.

 Pixie Haircuts: Short Hair, Tumblr

The cool short hairstyle with extra texture around the edges suits anoval face wonderfully. The long layered top keep it cool and modern.It’s a bit edgy, you are sure to turn heads with the chic short hairstyle.

 Pixie Haircuts: Awesome Short Hairstyle

This awesome short hairstyle looks cute, luscious and chic. The hair on top is a tad longer, which offers a mysterious volume and cool allure.The fabulous short hairstyle is suited for oval face shape. This hairstyle is effortless to create and maintain.

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