14 Beautiful Fashion Accessories You Can Make Yourself

14 Beautiful Fashion Accessories You Can Make Yourself

Accessories play a big part of your outfit, every tiny part can add something to your look. But have you ever thought that you can make them yourself? Here are some useful tutorials to start creating your own accessories.

1. Cross Style Chain Woven Bracelet

This DIY bracelet binds two pieces of chain together by doing a variation of the simple shoe lace cross.

View instructions here.

2. Ear Cuff

Here’s how to make an ear cuff for un-pierced ears, or just to add a little extra bling.

Get the steps here.

3. Glitter Necklace

Most girls love anything with a bit of a shimmer and shine. That’s why it’s important that we know how to make sparkly things rather than spend a fortune on it.

Learn how to make it here.

4. Chanel Pearl Hairpins

This was inspired by the abundant and delightful use of pearls in Chanel’s Spring 2012 Collection.

View the instructions here.

5. Triangle Wire Bracelet

This is so adorable and classy.

View the tutorial here.

6. Velvet Wrap Choker

It’s so easy and cheap to make it.

Get more details here.

7. Vintage Buttons Necklace

View the instructions here.

8. DIY Flower Crown

Read more details here.

9. Floral Headband With Handsewn Flower

A beautiful and simple way to create hand-sewn flowers using a variety of fabrics.

View full instructions here.

10. Heart Shaped Ring

These little heart shaped ring are just adorable. They look like real gold.

Read more about it here.

11. Friendship Band With 3 Colors Crochet

If you know how to make a hair braid, then this would be really easy for you.

Get more details here.

12. Beautiful Twisted Turban Headband

Headbands are lovely accessories that combine fashion with practical/utilitarian purposes holding hair away from the face or eyes.

Read more details here.

13. Felt Bows

You can make these bows using any other cloth or using velvet. These serve as cute embellishments on dresses too.

Read the instructions here.

14. Bead Anklet

These DIY anklets are such simple and chic pieces of jewelry, you can wear them into fall with your super trendy ankle boots.

View instructions here.